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Baby Bath Rice Milk 1000ml

৳ 930.00
  • Good Quality Product
  • Easy To Use
  • Very Comfortable
  • Size 1000 ml
  • made In Thailand
  • For All Skin

Baby Gift Set Medium (5 pcs)

৳ 700.00
  • Brand:Kodomo
  • Healthy and beauty products for babies
  • Special gift for new family member
  • 5 pcs Gift box
  • Made in THAILAND
Kodomo Gift Set Medium 5 pcs includes: kodomo Extra mild Powder 50g Kodomk Head to Toe 100ml Kodomo Lotion 100ml kodomo Shampoo 100 ml

Kodomo Bathing Sponge 1 pcs

Baby Lotion 200ml

৳ 400.00
  • Baby Care
  • Baby Lotion
  • Imported From-Thailand
  • Available in 200ml Bottle
  • High-quality product
  • Kodomo is a Japanese company that believes in keeping all baby products free from harmful products and natural.
  • Kodomo Baby Lotion has been formulated to keep a baby’s skin moisturized and soft
  • A baby’s skin is learning to work as inside a mother’s womb it depended on mother’s fluid to keep it moist.
  • It is anti-rash and non allergenic. Kodomo lotion absorbs quickly.
  • Country of Origin: Thailand

Laundry Detergent (Refill) 700ml

৳ 300.00
  • Brand: Kodomo
  • Country of Manufacture: Thailand
  • Size: 700 ml
Kodomo Baby Laundry Detergent is specially formulated to clean babywear and diapers while caring for delicate skin. Unlike normal detergent which may contain harsh chemicals. It effectively removes milk,food ,urine and fecal stains using pure and safe ingredients and dermatologist tested Kodomo safety Fragrance.

Kodomo Extra Care Baby Laundry Detergent’s pH-Balance,Sade and gentle formulated ensures no irritation to babies sensitive skin.

Baby Gift Set (Bag)

৳ 1,250.00
  • Brand: Kodomo
  • Health and beauty products for babies
  • Special gift for new family member
  • Gift Set Bag
  • Made in Thailand
Kodomo Gift Set bag includes: Kodomo Extra mild Powder 200g Kodomo Hair and body wash 200ml Kodomo Lotion 200ml Baby Kodomo Baby fabric wash (new born baby) 200ml

Kodomo Bottle and Nipple Cleanser 200ml

Baby Gift Set (Busket)

৳ 2,000.00
  • Brand: Kodomo
  • Health and Beauty Products
  • Special Gift for New Family Member
  • Basket
  • Made in Thailand
  • Kodomo Gift Set (Basket) includes:
  • Kodomo Baby Powder (Extra Mild) 200gm
  • Kodomo Baby Lotion Powder 100m
  • Kodomo Baby Bar Soap 90gm
  • Kodomo Baby Hair & Body Wash 100ml
  • Kodomo Baby Shampoo 100ml
  • Kodomo Baby Wash 200ml
  • Kodomo Baby Bottle & Accessories Cleanser 200ml